Insights and Insides on the City’s Issues

Produced by I AM Productions; OaklandPROPER digs deep into the psyche of one of the nation’s most fascinating cities – Oakland, California

Television Series

Oakland PROPER is a weekly news magazine documentary television series. Each 60-minute episode will focus on an issue impacting Oakland, CA. The series will take an investigative look into a singular issue or topic related to the Oakland area. Each episode will include interviews from residents, politicians and news makers, along with file footage to investigate the singular issue or topic for each episode. Oakland PROPER will be told through a CSI style format, with a narrator to guild the audience through the details of each “case” or episode.

Podcast Series

OaklandPROPER – the podcast,  is a bi-weekly podcast. Each 30-minute episode focuses on issues impacting Oakland, CA. The podcast features live and recorded interviews with residents, politicians, and newsmakers – and asks a single question that will be the focus of the entire episode. That question is answered with a series of statistics and facts by series hosts – journalists; MJ Carter and Allegra Battle – and then further investigated through interviews with residents or officials with knowledge of the issue or topic.