Why We Choose Oakland PROPER

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Oak Tree growing in Frank H. Ogawa Plaza I Photo: MJ Carter

After touring City Hall in Oakland, I was simply amazed.  I was there officially on business for Hoodline so I will not talk about what I saw just how I felt and share facts sparingly.

Oakland is a great city and its structures are just as important as its residents.  Its history is just as important as its structures.  You get the point.  It’s an important city. A thriving city.  Bubbling up inside Oakland is a fundamental shift that some can see and others can only imagine.

This was the catalyst for my contacting Allegra.  She is my sister by way of Ladies of the Quad Social Club (LOQ/LOQSC) founded in 1985 at Howard University.  However, we not only have LOQ in common but we’re both true blue journalists by trade.  We went through the process of becoming a journalist and now we continue to go through the process of our changing industry– like media consolidation, social media, digitization and the like.

We wanted to tell the story of the major city.  And we decided to start with Oakland.  As many know, change is coming to a major metropolitan city near you and what better way to document this than for two journalist to do the job.  There is always a beginning, middle and end.  We thought we would connect the parts or better yet tell what happens in between the beginning, middle and end.  Tell the story of the transition periods that cities go through.  Oakland is certainly a city in transition.

So I AM (AllegraMonesha) Productions was born to tell the city’s untold stories of ‘transition’.

PS I always add a PS to my notes, and yes consider this is my personal note to our listeners and readers.  According to Merriam Webster Dictionary PS means Post Script: “a note or series of notes appended to a completed letter, article, or book”.  All my stories are personal notes transcribed into a story; ultimately an article.  Anyhow my PS today is a thank you note to Annalee Allen, who provided many facts during my tour… so I will share a fact or two about Oakland at the end of each article that I write.

Fact #1: The City of Oakland’s birthday is May 4, 1852.

MJ Carter


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