The Smithsonian Captures “The Oprah Effect”

It is well known that the effect Oprah has on America and the world is groundbreaking. The new exhibition: Watching Oprah, The Oprah Winfrey Show and American Culture at the National Museum of African American History & Culture; features Oprah’s greatest moments and historical achievements forever immortalized. The exhibit debuted on June 5, 2018 almost

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Former First Lady Michelle Obama: A Moderated Conversation In Oakland

Former First Lady Michelle Obama sat down with CEO of TaskRabbit, Stacy Brown-Philpot on Wednesday, March 28, 2018 at 8:00 PM to talk all things Michelle Obama. I was fortunate to attend the event with my mother.  It was befitting considering how much the former first lady talked about motherhood and children. No photography or

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Oakland’s Ryan Coogler’s Black Panther breaks box officer records

Film director and screenwriter Ryan Coogler is seeing major success with his blockbuster Marvel Comics film Black Panther.  Coogler, a native of Oakland, CA gained critical acclaim after his first feature film; Fruitvale Station – the story of Oscar Grant, a young black man killed by Bay Area Transit police in 2009. Black Panther topped

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Domestic violence in Alameda County

Alameda County Assistant District Attorney, Casey Bates is the supervising Assistant District Attorney for three different units; domestic violence unit, child abduction unit, and elder abuse unit. Bates talks to host MJ Carter about his role in the county and how domestic violence impacts the community.  For the full interview, checkout the Podcast.  

Oprah Winfrey brings Golden Globe audience to its feet in Los Angeles

Media mogul Oprah Winfrey accepted the Cecil B. DeMille Award during the 2018 Golden Globe Awards Sunday night.  Winfrey brought the house down with a soul-stirring and emotional speech that tackled subjects from; race, misogyny, the “Me Too Movement” and sexual assault. (Featured Image: Golden Globes video screenshot) Winfrey also put a honored the life

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One on one with California native Issa Rae

In 2016, OaklandPROPER’s Allegra Battle spoke to Los Angeles native, actress, writer and producer Issa Rae about her (then) upcoming HBO series Insecure; since then, the show has been renewed for a third season and Issa is making waves again, developing new content for HBO. Check out the conversation here, and find out why Issa

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5 Things I learned about global race relations while traveling through Europe

After being accepted for an exchange program, I found myself in an all-too-familiar situation – I was the only black person among a group of professionals.  Being the only black person in the room, is never a big deal to me; it comes with the territory – I live in America. As I traveled through

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